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Metro Junk is a full junk removal company with experts and professionals who cater to customers’ needs with safety, care and love.

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Need removal fast? No problem. We offer same/next day appointments and removal on-the-spot.

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Unlike other removers with their hidden fees and disposal charges, our pricing is 100% upfront and all-inclusive.

We Recycle
& Donate

If your items still have life, we’ll take them to the nearest charity or recycling depot.

Where I should dump my junk?

Look no further
than Metro Junk

Our service for junk pick-up  yields superior results at an affordable price. With years of experience, we have the qualifications required to handle any situation, big or small. Whether you have old appliances, broken furniture, construction materials, yard waste, or hazardous materials, we guarantee your satisfaction with the completed project. For everything that you no longer want or use, we have a perfect solution for junk removal near you for home or business.

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Metro Junk is the best junk removal company and it stands out from other junk removal companies for many reasons.

Metro Junk is the best junk removal company and we stand out from other junk removal companies for many reasons. For one thing, our team of experts respects your valuable time, which is why we work quickly and efficiently, without compromising on quality. For fast and easy removal of junk, we take the time necessary to understand our customers’ needs. Rather than offering you a cookie-cutter solution, we customize our services accordingly to surpass your expectations. Regardless of whether you have large items to haul away or you simply need trash removal services, we can help. Our friendly and professional team is ready to assist you with all your residential and commercial junk removal needs, so that you can clear the clutter and start enjoying your home or office space again!


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