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October 6, 2021
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October 6, 2021

A list of items that are taken by junk removal companies – junk removal Edmonton.

What comes to your mind when you read the word interesting junk? Is it something you wouldn’t expect a company to take or something that isn’t very commonly available OR something that would be very amusing for a junk removal company to take care of ? Well for a company like junk removal Edmonton there is no such thing as unconventional junk. You just have to put a finger on what you wish to be removed and that’ll be gone away in a jiffy! Not every other residential or commercial property have same items in their junk. It is understandable that junk is an umbrella term for many things that are no more of use to you.

-A company dedicated to serve you well will make sure they take any form of junk that you may need to be removed. It’s not limited to specific categories or items in this list this is just to exemplify how many things you don’t have to worry about when it comes to junk removal.

-Some items are banned from direct disposal in the bin. That is why there are skilled agencies with years of experience to handle the growing waste streams according to their knowledge of disposal, recycling, donation sites etc. Nowadays when environmental issues aren’t just to be read about but need action driven tasks companies are also accommodating with the latest sustainable and eco-friendly approaches. Here’s a list of some of the items:

1. Pianos! Well you can’t fit a piano in a bin!
2. Tires – of any size
3. Patio stones
4. Hot tubs
5. E-waste of any kind
6. Construction and renovation debris
7. Mattresses- another item which cannot fit in a bin!
8. Gravel- could be harmful if left unchecked, children playing around are at risk
9. Shingles – can get through our skin and wound it
10. Ceiling tiles
11. Furniture – if you care for your back then don’t try to lift any furniture without proper posture and all by yourself
12. Heavy appliances such as washing machines and freezers
13. Furnaces
14. Fences
15. Compostable junk
16. Asphalt
17. Garbage
... and so much more !

Make sure you discuss all your queries and concerns regarding junk removal. At junk removal Edmonton you can a free quotation or estimate for your needs. Happy to help you!