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October 26, 2021
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October 27, 2021

We offer junk removal servicesfor all types of appliances be it refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, dishwashers OR more.

Getting rid of damaged, old & broken appliances can be wearisome. Luckily,you have professionals from Metro Junkto help you with that!We are there for you whether you are looking to hire someone for a periodic clean-up of appliances that are no longer of use to you or you simply want to discard an appliance to get a better one. Junk removal is no joke. You might think it involves just disposing off your trash into the bin or simply dumping it anywhere, but that’s not the case. Especially when it is about appliances- as they need to be properly handled, carried and then recycledor scrapped in the right way.

Appliances are tough to get rid of as there are various steps to ensure they are discarded properly.
  • Why should you get an appliances junk removal done-

Almost all the appliances at some point of time get weary and need replacements. Prolonged exposure to such damaged appliances is harmful for us, and hazardous if not checked properly.

With the givenchoices we have,we may keep the old ones in storage in that case they take up the necessary space which can otherwise be used for something better orend up to be a reason of discomfortfor you or the way better option is to- trust our company of well-trained professionals who will be there for you since step 1 till every appliance you need to be removed is gone!

Appliances need to be properly removed from our spaces.
  • How we get rid of your appliances junk-

Our staff consists of knowledgeable relentless workers. They are skilled enough to know whether an appliance is supposed to be dismantled or it can be recycled, and put to some good use. We at Junk Removal Halifaxhave the contact information of local charities, and recyclers so that your appliances can be put to some good if possible.

Any appliance that is to be replaced is managed well by our team who not only provide the bestsolutions at an affordableprice, but also practice environment friendly techniques.

Our expert team decides whether appliances such as televisions, washing machines, microwaves, computers, dryers are to disassembled or can be donated.

The other appliances which can no more be recycled or reused are taken to the nearest landfills where they are disposed off cautiously. We make sure hygiene, and safety are given utmost importance while dealing with junk.

  • Why you should pick us –

Our company has a team of workers who have previously done appliances junk removal tasks at affordable prices while keeping in mind the efficiency needed to finish this task so that it gets easier and hassle-free for customers.

Not just that, but we have the right kind of trucks which can carry a junk load three to four times more than any other junk removal trucks in the market. Our specialists are great at time management, and will make sure they call you thirty minutes prior before arriving for your junk removal appointment.You can get comfortable as we are 100% insured, and licensed for junk removal!

  • Get in touch!

You can get a free estimate right now! Just head over to our contact us section where you can fill up a quick form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also call us or email us for all your questions related to junk removal. Meanwhile, you can browse through our FAQs where you can get more informed about junk removal.