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Here’s why we are the chosen best junk removal company in Ottawa.
We're dependable and prompt: Metro Junk is accessible 7 days per week, in the course of the year. We will ensure that we reach you in time depending upon your location and we have a wide array of services for you!

We execute a full 360 degree junk removal.We take everything from bins, dumpsters, cardboard boxes and all kinds of trash that exists.
You can invest your trust in us as we were formed with the backing of junk haulers Ottawa and have since helped hundreds of local families to get rid of all their waste.

We have the particular technique for junk removing. We will ensure that we take your junk to nearest best suitable landfill so that you don’t have to worry about where you junk goes and it gets out of your sight. Everything is 100% legal, meaning that nobody will take any illegal removals from our company. We are the leading junk removal company in Ottawa for taking materials such as scrap metal, hot tubs, radiators and other e-waste. Find out more about the other options apart from disposal here.

  • We will be the best Ottawa junk hauling company for removing junk around your home. We are going to take away the stench of mildew, mold and other smell causing issues from your home or office. Having to deal with a lot of junk in your house is frustrating and it can produce you stressed. We are the most reliable agency that you can fall back on to make your annoying junk disappearlike rabbits from a magician’s hat!
  • As you sort out and take a look at all your prized possessions you may notice that there are many things apart from old furniture or household items that you want to recycle. We're all set to tackle your junk removing in Ottawa. Just like your prized possessions we possess the manpower, the right trucks and the information to achieve that!

Too much trash or junk in your area? Do not get worried! Metro Junk will help you with it. Call us , and we will provide you with assistance at a cost-effective price. We are an extremely passionate local company. We love what we do which is clearing out people’s spaces for the better and in turn making them feel good about their space so that it resonates an inviting feel to it.

Our team of specialists has a lot of experience in tackling every possible type of trash or junk removal challenges and any kind of difficulties you may have. It would be our pleasure to help you run your Ottawa home smooth and clean even in the future. We can handle a commercial move with as much ease just like a residential move for instance an office renovation or move.

Tap here to readan inventory of our services. Our company is famous for its exceptional client support service. We have years of experience in junk removal and we make an effort to connect with you and clear all your queries. Here at our company we also have an experience about junk hauls that can fit your budget without making a hole in your pocket. We tend to provide every client with a plan and service that best fits under their budget and is affordable.We will reach your location at the best timeline possible, implement our designated plan and leave you satisfied with our services. We are hungry for genuine feedback that we can use and so we stay in touch with you even after our task is completed to make sure you feel you’ve made a worthy investment.

We've got it all covered for you! Feel free to contact us without any hesitation and ask all your queries. A specialist will get in touch with you as quickly as possible. We strive to be a company that is the best at providing consumer satisfaction.Junk removal service in Ottawa is what Metro Junk has to offer you well. We are willing to go long distance in order to provide you with the most cost effective and affordable service possible. Metro Junk is the smartest choice you can make when looking for a junk hauling company to choose from.

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    • In modern times as such there is so much junk being generated and at such an alarming rate that we get a lot of requests for residential and commercial junk removal. For instance checkout the insights about furniture and appliance removal here : Furniture removal Appliances removal
    • To tackle this problem of so much junk the solution is periodic junk removal. This makes trash removal very convenient and moves it away from the area where waste needs to go. Whether you're simply looking to put things in a dumpster for pickup or looking for more complex services, Metro Junk is here to help.
    • The only thing we may not be good at is creating all the more trouble for you and leaving you unsatisfied with our services!That's why we make sure that your waste removal company is a reputable one. We stand behind our name and reputation. Our records are a proof of our dedication as a junk removal business. We have impeccable reviews from customers of all walks of life and with different requirements. Our efficacy has only seen an exponential growth chart and is getting polished with each passing project.
    -To summarize we would say that if you are in need of junk removal, utterly confused and can’t decide on what to do or where to start you’ve come to right place to begin your ‘declutter for better journey'! We have even provided intricate solutions for delicate situations such as broken glass removal. We have the experience you need to handle your junk removal in Ottawa. Whatever your reason for a cleanout service, we only know how to help you best to do that. We have an edge over other agencies as the commitment you’ll see in our professionals is unmatched as compared to anywhere else! Here’s wishing we can be at your service soon!

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