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October 27, 2021
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October 27, 2021

Is your home or office space currently having a bunch of scrap wood/lumber? If so, it means you are probably getting a construction or remodelling project done.

Whether it’s fence posts and gates made out of wood, ora big pile of unused wood and construction material, we can take it away rightly for recycling/reuse purposes. If you don’t have enough time on your hands to get rid of this big pile of wood and lumber, we can do it for you & we can do it really well as we have vetted experts who love what they do- that is make your spaces beautiful again by tidying it up! We will take care of the all the pickup, removal, and disposal of scrap wood, and lumber junk for you!

Our specialists are vetted, and they are background checked to make sure we provide maximum customer satisfaction. Untreated, building material wood can be injurious if left around a residential/commercial property just like that. This is why it is strictly advisable that you get professional services for the removal of scrap wood junk.

For metropolitan cities like Montreal, choosingMetro Junkremoval services is the finest option.

Decaying, or fresh wood should be removed from your place as quickly as possible.
  • What kind of wood is removed in junk removal?

Since it is impossible to throw out scrap wood along with other trash in the dumpster, you need to have reliable solutionsfor wood junk removal. Especially the large wood items are bulky, and tough to dispose. Let Metro Junk Montrealdo all the heavy lifting, and thinking for your scrap wood disposal. There’s noone better than us in the market as we have experienced specialists who have been through a lot of junk removal challenges. Below we have listed out the types of wood we take, but if you don’t see your type of wood in it, it’s perfectly fine as we can take any type of wood. We love a good challenge, and removal of your wood junk will simply be added to our list!

  • What type of wood do we take?
  • Yard debris and waste
  • Fences and posts
  • Raw lumber and timber
  • Plywood
  • Firewood
  • Wooden gates
  • Pallets
  • Furniture made of wood
  • Subflooring and carpet tacking
  • Wood that is treated

…and much more!

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Wood that has started decaying is home to many insects, and moss that shouldn’t be left untreated.
  • What we do with scrap wood &lumber-

As leaders in the junk removal business, we take scrap wood disposal, eco-friendly disposal very seriously. We make sure we come up with the best solutions possible for each item be it something very small or something too big to tackle. At our company, we are always on the lookout for best disposal options, so that most of the junk is kept out of landfills, and recycled or reused to extend its purpose. This unwanted scrap wood can be used for some other purposes by someone else. Wood is one of the easier options when it comes to reusing, and recycling as it is biodegradable. You can get more affiliated with our FAQs section, where you will find many insights on all types of junk removal.

If the wood is not damaged, it can be put into reuse.
  • Reach out to us right away!

You can reach out to us in a few simple steps. We will tackle all your junk removal woes, and make sure you don’t have to worry about anything that needs to be done.We make sure our quality is unfazed by the estimate or pricing that would be devised for your need. Each estimate be it small or large is considered as work that we love to do, and there’s no differentiation in our quality. So why wait – go ahead and contact us.

P.S.- We strive to be better than we were with each project that we take up. Our business section will provide every little piece of information you may need for our commercial/ business junk removal services. Thank you!