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October 27, 2021
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December 3, 2021

If you live in Calgary youwill easily understand the value of yards and how much maintenance they require. Withsuch small space available for a yard to exist, the lucky fee who have it would surely want their yards to be looking best. People like backyards or front yards for many functional reasons such as cookouts, picnics& much more! This indicates that there is a large amount of time spent on clearing and maintaining yards which can especially feel repetitive during spring season and fall season.

Nonetheless, when you are done cleaning up your yard, you will have bags full of beautiful leaves, trimmed branches from tress and bushes and perhaps even plants or trees that could not survive and need to be removed. Whether it’s your own house or a rented one, getting rid of this yard junk can get troublesome really fast.

Hiring professional junk removal specialists will not only ensure that your yard gets cleaned up, but also the fact that the yard waste will be disposed properly and at the right spot in the city.

Metro Junkwill becomeyour favourite, go-to professional junk removal services when you get to know about our work and the meticulous approach towards yard waste clean-up.

As autumn and spring seasons progress, leaves from trees get shed speedily causing junk in your yard.

Apart from yard waste removal we do junk removal for all your requirements be it e-waste, appliances removal, piano or hot tub removal and much more!

  • We can help make your yard beautiful and clean-

Here at Metro Junk Calgarywe can remove all that foul-smelling yard waste for you and help you in getting your beautiful yard back.All that needs to be done from your end is to simply give us a call or fill out our form available on our website. Yards are an essential part of your land and in times of Covid-19 where everyone has to stay at home much more than they ever would, having your little yard where you can stay connected with nature and let it heal and rejuvenate you is a blessing. We will do all the bulk lifting and carrying. We have trucks that can hold junk at a much larger scale rather than any of our competitors in market.

  • We will make sure your yard waste is degraded properly-

Yard waste is compostable, and we will make sure it is taken to the nearest composting site. We have made a commitment for the preservation of this blue planet by making it a healthier, cleaner, safer place to be in for the upcoming generations and the current habitants where they can thrive well.Our company professionals are experienced to meet with sustainability requirements. We are dedicated to provide the best recycling or reusing solutions for your junk, and even take your junk to the right sites where it can find its purpose best.

Yard waste emits out a foul odour that can harm you and your neighbours. So it’s best you get it removed soon.
  • Contact us for all your junk removal issues-

Instead of burning your yard waste or dumping it elsewhere consider contacting us. Whether you think you have the budget or not we will provide free estimates just for you! If you wish to know how our yard waste junk removal or for that matter any kind of junk removal is done, then check out our how it’s donesection. We will ensure all your junk removal needs our met, that too at an affordable price specially devised for you. So go ahead and contact us.

A clean yard can make way for many fun events such as picnics, cookout parties, and much more!

Yards are great spots for many activities be it for children or adults. Maintaining a yard is tough business but with our junk removal services you can enjoy and be able to extract the best out of your yard experience! If you have some questions related to all things junk removal, make sure you browse through our FAQssection and you will surely find an answer to your query!